We take Orange County Convention Center Photography to the limit! Our photographers work countless hours to get the job done and are available for special requests when needed. Let us help with your next event at OCCC.

Orange County Convention Center Photography Experts

Park South Photography provides Orange County Convention Center Photography for companies looking for professional photos for their event. Coincidentally, it is the center of hospitality and it continues to get bigger to keep up with the demand. Easy access from all highways, OCCC is a perfect venue for exhibition space, meeting rooms, lecture halls and so forth. We love doing Orange County Convention Center Photography because it is easy for us to get around because we know it like the back of our hands. The best part about OCCC is it is in the center of it all! With restaurants, shopping and accommodations it is one of the most sought after facilities in Central Florida.

Orange County Convention Center Photography Events

Each event at the Convention Center is unique in its own way. In addition, the events that are held there range from several businesses at one time or complete Convention Center takeovers! Above all, we enjoy meeting new people and helping our clients take their image to the next level.

  • Corporate Events
  • Annual Events
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Banquet Dinners
  • Conventions
  • Tradeshows
  • Seminars
  • Speakers
  • Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Expos
  • Exhibitions

See a list of more Orlando Venues along with professional photography examples. Ultimately, our goal for impressing our clients is understanding the we can foresee issues before they arise. In any case, this is an excellent trait to have and one that you will need in a professional photography service such as Park South Photography.

Our Mission at OCCC

All things considered, there is nothing like having an opportunity to photography some of the best products and services from around the world! The variety of clients we are able to help at the Convention Center is immeasurable. Since it is close for us we are able to be flexible with our schedule and if we need to travel back and forth for big events that is not a problem. In addition, we are able to cultivate a team of experts if your needs require multiple coverage. It is amazing what happens behind the scenes to get ready for one of these events. In conclusion, we want to make sure all of your photographs are top notch!

McDonald's Annual World Convention

Orange County Photography Example 1

PGA Golf Exhibition Conference

Orange County Convention Center Photography Example 2

Golden Arch Awards

Orange County Convention Center Photography Example 3

View From West Concourse

OCCC Photography 1

South Concourse

OCCC Photography 5

West Concourse from Skywalk

OCCC Photography 7

Inside of West Concourse Front

OCCC Photography 2

West Concourse Hallway Art

OCCC Photography 4

West Concourse Escalators

OCCC Photography 3
OCCC Panorama

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